AcademiCom is more than a company,
it's a complete solution.

AcademiCom was born four years ago, with the dream of offering a complete communication solution, from the planning to the consolidation of the actions of our clients. We started our activities with web design and later, we entered the areas of digital and content marketing. A few more months passed and the opportunity arose to embrace the publishing market as well, which led to the founding of "FCT Editora". Currently, we are growing even more and going beyond our horizons, working on the development of our own events.
Besides having the privilege of having incredible professionals, our teams have an indispensable element: the passion for what we do. Of course, we have creative, skilled, integrated and efficient people in a competitive environment with the most modern methods of working, but what we value most is the fact that everyone at AcademiCom believes that we can make a difference. Whether it is in the design of our clients or in one of our ventures, we want to impact the world.
AcademiCom, consider it done.

Our services

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Web design

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Graphic design

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Digital Marketing

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Social media

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Our clients

Some brands we are pleased to work with

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our portfolio

Just a few cases for you to know

  • Website

    to: Anthony Caio
  • "Pesquisa e Educação"

    with FCT Editora
  • Folder

    to: Brasil Tap Festival
  • Hotsite

    to: Chaveiro Kadochi
  • "Ensaios sobre educação"

    with FCT Editora
  • Logo design

    to: Matheus Braga
  • Books

    to: FAUESP
  • Children's book

    with FCT Editora
  • Website

    to: RGP Assessoria
  • Banner 2016

    to: Brasil Tap Festival
  • Banner 2017

    to: Brasil Tap Festival
  • Banner 2018

    to: Brasil Tap Festival
  • "Pesquisa & educação"

    with FCT Editora
  • Website

    to: Ycaro Casagrande
  • "Educação em foco"

    with FCT Editora
  • Website

    to: Matheus Braga
  • Website

    to: 3Marias Casting
  • Website

    to: Brasil Tap Festival

Some news

and other things we want to tell you

October 22, 2019

We're preparing a surprise ...

Here at AcademiCom we love surprises and gifts, so we are always working to bring great news to our audience and partners. Even though we want to, we still can't say much about what we are up to, but we're sure that nerds and geeks in São Paulo are going to be crazy about the news. Stay tuned!

October 12, 2019

Brazil International Tap Festival

Here comes one of the most incredible and special events of the year. We are very proud to be part of Chris Matallo's wonderful tap dance festival for the fourth year running. Classes with international masters, competition for dancers and a gala show are just some of the attractions that are part of the 19th edition of the festival, which runs from 11 to 15 October in the city of São Paulo.

November 11, 2019

We're still looking for it

Since AcademiCom entered the publishing market, we have opened the door for talented people to have the chance to bring their works into the light. We believe in the potential of the new authors and want to know the stories told by the new generations. So if you love or know someone who loves writing, contact us and we'll be happy to help. Ah, it's good to remember that AcademiCom is not like most of the companies you find out there, your dreams are important to us and our partners can confirm that. So come on, send a message and see that it is possible to go further.

November 20, 2019

Buying followers can be a headache!

You have certainly received some advertisement or proposal from a company that sells followers on social networks, haven't you? And maybe you even thought about hiring this service (if it's not already hired), but we're here to talk a little about the negatives of this scheme. First of all, as the Brazilian saying goes, lie has a short leg, so you always run the risk of someone finding out that you buy followers and this news will spread very fast (and there your image goes downhill), but in addition, you can't buy people for your events and these ghost followers can't interact with you. Think about it, it's just a number and, in fact, it can turn against you. If you're still in doubt, talk to us, we'll be happy to talk more about it.